<table border:1;>

<create row>
<create cell>Cell 1<end cell>
<create cell>Cell 2<end cell>
<end row>

<create row>
<create cell>Cell 3<end cell>
<create cell>Cell 4<end cell>
<end row>

<end table>
Cell 1Cell 2
Cell 3Cell 4

Start tag: <table>
End tag: <end table>

Start tag:<create row>
End tag:<end row>

Start tag:<create cell>
End tag:<end cell>

<row> and <cell> may substitute <create row> and <create cell>

Attribute applies to: Attributes:
  bgColor -> (Hex or lingual)
border -> (1 - 10)
cellspacing -> (1 - 10)
cellpadding -> (1 - 10)
pos -> (left, center, right)
cellspan -> (number applicable)
width -> (any numerical amount)
height -> (any numerical amount)
Attribute example::
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